Directing Reel 2017



Hacking High School

Digital Series

(segment director / co-writer / producer / editor)

Starring: The Merrell Twins, Spencer Watson, Gigi Friedman, Carrie Rad, Sam Potorff

STORY: A comedic anthology about the pantheon of teen perils, from A's to Zits.

Studio: AwesomenessTV

Distributor: Verizon Go90

Love App-tually

Pilot Presentation


Starring: Zachary Fineman, Natalie Dreyfus, Natalie Lander, Marco Naggar, and Daniel Fernandez

STORY: The developers of a new dating app recruit Jake Michaels, the most hopelessly awkward, out-of-touch geek they can find, to beta-test their platform and star in a reality show about the experience.  While the developers hope for a viral marketing jackpot, Jake is in it strictly for the love. 

The Escort

Short Film


Starring: Doris Roberts, Nick Echols

STORY: A lonely and restless widow plays host to a much younger man she met on the internet.  

World premiere at LA Shortsfest 2016

Breckenridge Film Festival 2017 (WINNER, Best Short Comedy)

The Pick-Up Sticks

Pilot Presentation

(director / producer / editor)

Starring: Brando Eaton, Matthew Moy, Michelle Glavan, Natalie Lander, Jonathan Silverman

STORY: The R-rated behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a squeaky-clean kids' show.  


Studio: New Form Digital

Teen Survival Guide

Digital Series

(co-creator / director / producer / editor)

Starring: The Merrell Twins, Bobby Mares, Griffin Arnlund, Brennen Taylor

STORY: Twin sisters Vanessa and Veronica navigate high school life with the help of their own witty and sometimes surreal advice guide.


Produced for and Distributed by AwesomenessTV.  

The Fake

Short Film


Starring:  Warren Sweeney, Joey Luthman, Rob Moore, Natalie Lander, Susan Grace


STORY: A tight-fisted empty-nester sets out to get himself a fake ID in order to qualify for the senior discount a few years early.  But how long will his petty little scheme last?

Distributed on Virgin Atlantic airlines.

Sedona Int'l Film Festival (WINNER, Audience Award | Best Short Comedy)

Interrobang Film Festival / Des Moines Festival of Arts (WINNER, Best Short)

LA Shortsfest  |  La Costa Film Festival  |  Santa Fe Independent Film Festival  |  Naples Film Festival  |  Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival

Durango Film Festival  |  San Luis Obispo Film Festival  |  Breckenridge Film Festival


35mm Short Film


Starring: Craig Zimmerman, Scott Krinsky, Lindsey McKeon, David A. Cooper


STORY:  Jim would do anything to impress the family of his bride-to-be, Kate.  But when his future brother-in-law drags him skydiving as a rite of family initiation, he worries he may not make it to "happily ever after."



Malibu Film Festival  (WINNER, Best Comedy)

La Costa Film Festival  (WINNER, Audience Award | Best Short)

Napa Valley Film Festival

Hollywood Film Festival  (NOMINEE, Hollywood Discovery Award)

San Luis Obispo Int'l Film Festival

Maui Film Festival

Distributed by Canal+, NBC/Universal, and Shorts International on iTunes

* = shared positions with Matthew Helfgott, as part of their Hillman/Helfgott endeavors.

The Jennies (Volunteer)

Digital Pilot

(co-creator / director / producer / editor)

Starring:  Natalie Lander, Brittany Ross, Galadriel Stineman, Angel Parker, John Charles Meyer


STORY: Jenny and Jennie may not be the brightest gems in the Harry Winston case, but they still do their best to follow their hearts, see the best in others, and look for the upside of any situation.  Today they're volunteering at a soup kitchen.

COMPLETED, with additional episodes and material written. Please inquire about our full-length series treatment.

Joel Murray stars in The Listing Agent
The Listing Agent

Short Film


Starring:  Joel Murray, Margaret Easley, Norma Micheals


STORY: A down-on-his-luck real estate agent has one last chance to sell a home before losing his own to foreclosure.  But when his listing finally gets an offer, he'll have to obey his out-of-town client's unorthodox demands before closing the deal.  

Napa Valley Film Festival 

       WINNER, Audience Award | Best Narrative Short

       WINNER, Jury Award | Best Narrative Short Honorable Mention

Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival (WINNER, Spirit of Independence Award)

Distributed by AMC Networks and now available on Amazon Prime